Featured:The Estrada’s display their talented fashion creations using models which step and sway to the rhythmic beats of the music during the runway walk optimizing the display, flow and shimmer of the design.

Biography: Born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa Mexico, identical twins Jesus and Antonio Estrada, 23, always dreamt of becoming young and famous fashion designers. Growing up in a fashionable family, they were inspired by their mother, who was a model. At two years old, the Estrada’s moved to Tijuana, Mexico and shortly thereafter moved to San Diego, California to live the American dream. After graduating high school, Jesus attended Fashion Careers College where he first learned how to thread a sewing machine. Following college and being featured in several fashion shows in San Diego, he was selected to participate as a season 7 contestant on the Emmy- nominated "Project Runway". Antonio was done filming a documentary for Discovery en Español called Norte a Sur where he traveled Latin America for 30 days as a designer leaving a mark behind for himself. Jesus decided to take it to the next level and welcome Antonio to Haus of Estrada. In 2010, they did their first collection together for Spring 2011. The two brothers collaborated to create RTW looks inspired by their Mexican heritage and the story of Alice and Wonderland. They called it "wonderland meets sexy Latina punk", and had the opportunity to present their collection in NYC fashion week. They opened the doors to their store in Scarsdale, New York on 6 Dec 2011.